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          16 years ago, Master Grade realized that all electric knife sharpeners left a lot to be desired. Master Grade set out on relentless course to develop the finest knife sharpener & bring it to the market. The initial product was introduced in 1994. This unit is now highly accepted & in-service in many top restaurants, hotels & supermarkets. The renowned chef Martin Yan heartily endorsed it after an extensive trial period.

          The Master Grade has been designed for very simple operation that will allow the skilled craftsman as well as a complete novice to obtain razor sharp results and also save time. The precise guides insure that the knife will be sharpened at the correct angle for razor sharp results. The sharpener is equipped with three different sharpening wheels, coarse, medium and fine. The first two wheels are for pre-sharpening and the fine wheel concludes the process for a razor sharp edge.

          The Master Grade is manufactured using the finest materials obtainable, we take no shortcuts & guarantee there is no better product on the market. It is now well proven after years of extensive use in top marketplaces; the finished product represents our rigid standards at a very affordable price.

          Following the success of our commercial sharpener our company developed the Premium Knife Sharpener for home and light industrial use. The initial product was introduced in 2005 after 7 years of research & development. Chef Martin Yan worked with us during the process of trial and production; the finished product represent our rigid standards at a very affordable price.

          In 2007 we added a new model for outdoor use. This is the only DC powered sharpener designed specifically for hunters, caterers, campers and outdoor users.

          For sharpening ceramic knives, click here to find out more about our new Premium Diamond sharpening wheel.

          Please email us at for further information if needed. If you need further inquiries about our sharpeners please do not hesitate to contact us.

          For those of you using Master Grade products, thank you for your trust.

          Need a top quality sharpener?

          Look no further, Master Grade is the best on the market today, we guarantee it!

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